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toiture végétale

ATalso called green roof or eco-roof, thehe green roof is a green arrangement made up of materials and plants installed on the roof of a building. Aesthetically arranged, thegreen roofsbring greenery and presence to your building. The plants that are installed there are generally independent plants and able to develop into a stable ecosystem.

Extensive green roof

Composed mainly of sedum, purslanes and mosses that do not require any watering, the extensive green roof is suitable for any type of roof (concrete, steel, wood ...).

Semi-intensive green roof

Semi-intensive green roofs recommend the planting of shrubs and grasses. Therefore, it is important to plan to install an automatic irrigation system to protect them from drought.

Intensive green roof

The intensive green roof: it will allow you to create a garden with trees and shrubs. It can only be installed on concrete roofs and requires more maintenance, but they allow the roof to be used for recreational purposes (vegetable garden, landscaping, etc.).

Green roofs have many and varied advantages and here are a few:

Improve thermal insulation so that your house stays cool in summer and prevents heat from escaping in winter

. Protect the roof and extend its life

· Purify the air through photosynthesis, Promote biodiversity.

· contribute to the fight against pollution; plants release oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and bind dust from the air.

Promotes biodiversity and restores ecological functions degraded by urbanization

· Green roofs reduce and regulate the amount of rainwater


Where can I get a green roof estimate for my house?

Come to the workshopFBG architecturelocated at 4 rue pierre corneille   or contact us by email or phone for more information. We answer all your questions. Do not hesitate !

Are green roofs expensive?

Everything will depend on your construction or your current home. Of course, you have to take into account the type of roof you have and the type of green roof you want.

Does the green roof impact my energy consumption?

Yes, it impacts your energy consumption, insofar as, in summer, the roof protects against the heat and therefore you generally do not need air conditioning or a fan. And in winter, it acts as an insulator. This therefore reduces the electricity consumption at your home.

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