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Habitat participatif
Habitat participatif

Ihe participatory housing is a social approach that consists of building and sharing not only housing, but also a way of life. This accommodation is tailor-made and therefore meets the needs of each stakeholder. In addition, it allows you to live in a healthier and more ecological way while relativizing costs and having a more community spirit.


Most of the time, groups of individuals choose to build a participatory habitat because they want to create a link between themselves or between the neighborhood in order to promote the notion of living together.

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Throughout the development of the project, future residents will get to know each other through several meetings during the month. Because yes, indeed, the residents can know each other for years, can be friends and in certain situations this is not always the case.


Residents may have known each other for years, and be friends, and in some situations this is not always the case. We can even think of optimizing the management of water and waste.

Participatory habitats todaytoday


Participatory habitats today have many advantages and appeal to people's curiosity. More and more participatory housing is being built, people are particularly apprehensive of this idea. They are more open-minded and eco-friendly. Certainly, the constructions take a lot of time from the development of the plans to the decoration, but it is a good opportunity which results in several advantages.

The advantages of participatory habitats


Participatory habitats allow residents to:

- Reduce their ecological footprint

- Design suitable and sustainable housing - Create friendly human relations while respecting privacy

- Save money

- Be proud of yourself and have a sense of belonging


What are the disadvantages of co-housing?

The disadvantages are mostly related to the Co-habitation phase on the distribution of household tasks, the way of life and the agreement with the Co-habitants.

Where can I find someone to tell about my project?

You can consult the firm of FBG architecture at 4 rue pierre corneille 17000 La Rochelle or by contacting us on our website or by calling 0684865474

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